Monday, September 26, 2011

Obligatory Introduction Post

Last week I attended a fashion blogging event for Social Media Week Glasgow at Society M. After listening to talks by fashion and style bloggers Michelle from Kingdom of Style, Sarah from We Shop Therefore We Are and Jonathan from Les Garcons de Glasgow, and speaking with them afterwards, I decided I was definitely definitely going to start my own blog.

You wouldn't know it by looking at me that night, but I am interested in fashion (hey, even budding fashionistas have laundry days... right?). But the world of style blogging doesn't really need another blog incapable of adding to, or distinguishing itself from, the masses of (really awesome) blogs already out there. Plus, I take really bad pictures. So I decided I will write about the one thing that I am an authority on: myself. I am, after all, a 22 year old American girl from California currently living, studying, and working in Glasgow, Scotland, and I'll write about whatever I like.

Okay, okay, so that's not very specific, but I kind of like to think of this thing as a sort of adventure.

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